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Adult singles dating sycamore illinois

It is the players responsibility to ensure they are shooting in the proper order.

If a player shoots out of turn: 1) Back up the machine to erase the throw. 3) If a player ends the game shooting out of turn, that players team loses the game.

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Darts in the target should not be removed until your round is over and machine instructs Remove Darts.

Its each players responsibility to ensure their round is ready for them to throw.

By throwing a dart at the board during opponents throw.

Any dart thrown early is counted as a throw and the shooter loses that dart.

If a player should activate a score for the prior position because the machine had not switched positions, those points remain for the prior player and the thrower will only get whatever darts they have left to shoot for that round.

If a player activates a score for the next players position while pulling out their darts, that shooters partner (two scores, doubles) or the shooter (singles game) loses their entire next round. Players may use bar darts or custom darts as long as they have plastic tips and individually do not exceed 18 grams in weight.

We also have a 4 person team summer league as well.

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Opposing players may not interfere with opponents throw.

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