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The point of it should be to figure out why certain problems are arising in the relationship and to decide if they’re fixable.It’s also a good chance for both people in the relationship to focus on themselves for a bit.I think with any other person this would be considered a “break” and not a “breakup” but he doesn’t believe in breaks.He said he needed time and space to himself to figure himself out again and decide whether we were right for each other.

I’m going to Europe in a few days for a study abroad program where I hope the distractions will help me move on at least to a more independent state.

Have confidence that even if this relationship doesn’t work out, you will find another that will. If he feels sure that you’ll be there whenever he’s ready to come back, he can take all the time he needs.

Don’t let yourself get walked on and don’t let him string you along…he wants that…it makes him feel secure…and it does nothing but prolong your hurt in the process. In the meantime, go about your life and try to enjoy it without him in it.

I wasn’t trying to be cold, I just wanted to focus on me.

We had already had the sad emotional conversation when we decided to go on the break… If a guy seems cold and aloof during break time, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t care.

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Can they save a relationship, or are they a sign that a break-up is a right around the bend? You can get him back, but you need to know a few things.

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