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Finally, just as in physical stalking, online harassment and threats may be a prelude to physical violence or serious property damage.

A woman complained to a local police agency that a man had posted information on the web claiming that her nine-year-old daughter was available for sex.

In the first successful prosecution under California's new cyberstalking law, prosecutors in the Los Angeles district attorney's office obtained a guilty plea from a 50-year-old former security guard who used the Internet to solicit the rape of a woman who rejected his romantic advances.

The suspect terrorized his 28-year-old victim by impersonating her in various Internet chat rooms and online bulletin boards where he posted, along with her telephone number and address, messages that she fantasized about being raped.

Even so, not all law enforcement agencies respond aggressively to allegations of online stalking, for a variety of reasons.

Typical of other types of victims, the majority of cyberstalking victims do not report the incidents to law enforcement either because they feel that a criminal offense has not yet occurred, or because they feel that law enforcement will not take them seriously.

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