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Yusupov has handwaved away this question by implying that the game’s investors just want to make something fun for now, and aren’t worried about revenue.“I can’t really speak to it — they’ve got a strategy and they’re figuring it out,” Rogowsky said when asked recently about the app’s financial vision.Despite this worry, Recode reported in February that HQ Trivia had indeed moved ahead with its 0 million valuation and was vying for a new million round of funding.The round reportedly kicked off with an infusion from a firm founded by notorious billionaire and venture capitalist Peter Thiel.But the show also has to juggle the difficulties of livestreaming in a mobile app format, delivering the instant interactivity that makes the game actually playable.This isn’t always smooth sailing: If the game glitches mid-stream, as it often does, hosts have to vamp their hearts out, in hopes of keeping frustrated players from bailing while the technical difficulties are resolved.

Rogowsky usually hosts the 9 pm slot, drawing the biggest crowds — which has led to him becoming a minor celebrity.This heady atmosphere is intensified further by the 10-second time limit to answer a question.Anyone who’s played the game has had the experience of Jimmy Kimmel’s aunt, watching the clock wind down while they’re still trying to weigh in with the correct answer — and most of us have probably responded as she did: “Is that it? ” It all feels not totally unlike a frenzied dystopian reality show, except that instead of winning a ticket to paradise, you just get a tiny amount of cash with nebulous origins and a shower of colorful digital confetti.That doesn’t happen very often in televised game shows, but HQ’s frequent technical difficulties do at least heighten the immediacy of the environment and the sense that we’re all in this together.The game’s connectivity is, so far, its chief selling point.

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Yusupov, who was never given managerial responsibilities at Twitter, was laid off in 2015.