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Colonia Express offer affordable ferry connections between Argentina and Uruguay with 3 daily crossings between Buenos Aires and Montevideo (4 hours and 50 minutes) and between Buenos Aires and Colonia del Sacramento (1 hour and 15 minutes).‘Buenos Aires Express’ and ‘Colonia Express’ operators on these routes and come fully equipped with the latest safety technology, as well as great on board facilities, including cafeteria, shop and comfortable seats.Colonia Express also provide an exclusive bus service between Montevideo, Punta del Este and other locations in Uruguay, making it easy to travel around the country.Externally, the strengthening economic recovery in Brazil, the country’s main client for exports of goods, and in Argentina, principal source of FDIs and tourists, should also sustain growth.After public accounts were hit by weak activity in 2016, the government pursued a more restrictive fiscal policy in 2017.President Tabaré Vazquez is facing allegations of corruption concerning the previous government, related to his centre-left coalition Frente Amplio (FA), and in particular his vice president, Raul Sendic, who stepped down in September 2017.Moreover, President Vazquez is facing a sharp drop in his popularity (around 30% approval ratings in mid-2017).Consumption is expected to slow because of the jump in inflation as a result of the peso’s devaluation against the dollar after a year of stability.However, inflation will remain around the upper limit fixed by the central bank, thanks to more modest wage rises, which themselves are largely due to the gradual indexing of wages to sectoral activity rather than to inflation.

At the same time, imports are expected to remain buoyant thanks to the resilience of consumption and the recovery in investment.Activity was sustained by exports and household consumption.The economy benefited from the resumption of growth in Brazil and Argentina, as well as the rebound in agricultural export prices (soya, meat, dairy products).Given rising debt and high inflation, the room for more expansionary fiscal or monetary policy is limited. This statistic gives information on the global audience of selected dating sites from the United States in November 2016.

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The divisions within the coalition also concern the free-trade agreement on services signed in October 2016 with Chile, to which the left wing of the Party is opposed, and which Parliament still hasn’t ratified one year on.

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