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India proper is sometimes taken to be Jambudvipa itself; but it is more frequently taken to be Bharatavarsha.

It is therefore where the descendants of Bharata and/or the bharatas live.

She scooped up the only gift she could find—a handful of water—and beseeched him to bestow her with a son.

She then meditated upon the Sun and prepared herself to present her simple but sincere offering.

When the dance ended the weight was instantaneously lifted. On hearing about the dance Adisesa wanted to learn it so he could personally dance it for the pleasure of Vishnu, his lord.

At the same time a virtuous woman named Gonika, who was totally devoted to yoga, was praying and seeking for someone to be a worthy son to her.

According to one legend he was the son of Angiras, one of the ten sons of Brahma, the Creator; and of Sati, the consort of Siva.

If so, this would make him not only the grandson of the Creator of the universe, but also the brother of Brhaspati, god of wisdom and eloquence and chief offerer of sacrifices.

And of the little that is known, much is mired in myth.

The dates proposed for Patañjali's birth and life vary by a millennium.

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In order to make their contributions more acceptable, and to give them some cachet and an air of authority, later thinkers were frequently content to concede authorship of their contributions to one or another of their more illustrious predecessors.

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