10 mistakes women make while dating

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10 mistakes women make while dating

This is because when it comes to the zodiac, Capricorn represents authority, achievement, status, and wealth. It’s not unlikely to find an ambitious Capricorn woman staying up late into wee hours crunching numbers for work, reading Forbes for the next business trend, or going over her bank statements to make sure everything adds up.However, while most Capricorns aim to be the biggest boss that you’ve seen thus far, achievement is not just about being the top executive at a top firm. She’s the kind of gal who knows what she wants and doesn’t settle until she gets it (like that job promotion).As someone belonging to this group of gregarious folk, I’m guessing you can imagine my reaction to a tweet I saw a couple weeks ago referring to anyone born under Sagittarius as a “Sagiterrorist.” Yep, you guessed it. For an independent Sagittarius, compromise doesn’t always come easy.That’s why I’ve come up with a few faux pas to avoid to help your relationships go smoother.When it comes to any relationship, and more importantly a romantic one, trust is paramount to the health of the partnership.Before you go putting you and your partner’s biz in the streets, think first about whether doing so violates the trust in your relationship or your partner’s boundaries.Though while your worldliness is alluring, it can just as easily become a turnoff when you dominate the conversation with everything you know and miss the opportunity to really receive what someone else may be bringing to the table.Instead of trying to intellectually out-do your beloved or insist they consistently adopt your point of view (no matter how expansive), explore what they could be trying to teach you. If there’s one thing a Sag values beyond independence, it’s the truth.

(Unless of course, you’re a Sagittarius with planets in Scorpio or Capricorn in your birth chart, then serious business is your thing). Yet in terms of romance, what sometimes starts out as an endearing Sag personality trait can quickly become exhausting to a partner if there isn’t a little balance and compromise mixed in.How many times have you been with your honey, inspired by something you saw or they said, and came up with an idea to beat all ideas ever known to humankind?I’m talking about an idea of summer blockbuster proportions that even Tom Cruise might want in on the deal?Often lifelong travelers and world citizens, whether by the seat of a plane, a University hall, or a good foreign film, a Sagittarius will attempt to learn everything she can about the world around her.Usually this inspires her to share everything she’s learned, and share, and share, and share some more.

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