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You can place a total of 24 PMA Direct channels in one E-Tile This mode is supported for both NRZ and PAM4 with the following PMA factors: The PMA Direct high data rate PAM4 usage mode is for the PMA PAM4 64-bit usage in the E-Tile Native PHY IP core.Two channels are consumed with one of the them configured as a master channel and the other as slave channel. The master PMA transmits and receives data in this configuration.

The data is transferred directly between PMA interface and FPGA fabric through an adapter.

The only requirement is that you meet the LVPECL specifications.

The The nine reference clocks are shared, and they span across all 24 channels within a given E-Tile.

If this is a design requirement, you must route the reference clock on the PCB to span beyond a transceiver tile as illustrated in the figure below. Channel bonding is a common technique used to minimize high speed serial lane-lane transmit skew for multi-lane protocols.

Channel bonding is supported under the following conditions: E-Tiles include four instances of the Ethernet Hard IP, which in turn supports up to four multi-lane Ethernet MAC stacks, or 24 channels of single-lane Ethernet channel (MAC/PCS) support.

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Selects the protocol configuration rules for the transceiver.